Empowering youth to lead positive lives... One Day At a Time.


We are on a mission to raise $5,000. Why? Because ODAT aims to finish the year strong, and with your support launch our arts program, which will provide youth empowerment through creativity, expression and healing.
This year, ODAT celebrated 20 years of making a difference in young people’s lives.  Our work would not be possible without you!

Amidst the presents you buy, the gifts you receive, and the traveling you do during this holiday season, please add a donation to ODAT to your list. Perhaps you went through the program and are an ODAT alumni; maybe you have a loved one that was empowered by this program or you simply believe in giving young people opportunities for growth. Giving is easy; it makes a huge difference, and the best part is you'll feel so good after you make a donation because you know you've helped impact a young person's life.

To celebrate our 20th year, we are asking our friends and supporters to donate $20 and challenge two of your friends to do the same in the spirit of giving. We want everyone to know that you made our arts program possible, so please post that you joined the 2 for $20 Challenge on your social media page or nominate 2 of your friends or family members through email or text. Remember to include: #ODATs2for20 when posting on social media and tag the two of your friends you are challenging to donate. Make sure to direct your friends to ODAT's Facebook or website, or the link below to donate.


We can only meet this challenge with your help.  Donate today!

Happy Holidays and thank you from all of us here at ODAT!


$5,000 GOAL

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